Day 136 – 17 and Counting

You know what I love about my family, despite our polar opposite views on things, I love how connected we are as a family and never let those things get in the way of each other. Kind of like how you can see two hockey players throw down, and then at the end, tap each other on the head and go have a beer with them after the game.

My sister and her family flew in from North Carolina, and she’s only staying for the weekend, but it never fails to amaze me how dedicated my family is to seeing each other. There are 6 of us kids, and on top of work, kids activities and whatever else we have going on in our lives, we still try and find a way to catch up with each other. I stopped by today with the kids before work to see Dawn and them, while my sister Andrea was also there. Later on the rest of the gang showed up, granted I had already left for work, but I love how my family truly does enjoy the company of each other’s presence.

I also got to see a pretty cool picture that was taken of all 17 of the grand kids. We rarely have an opportunity where all of the kids are over at somebody’s house at once, and this special moment happened tonight, and it turned out to be a pretty good picture. Not every kid was looking or smiling, but holy cow with 17 kids, that’s darn near impossible.

Grand Kids

I just truly appreciate the relationship I have with my family, and that we have with each other. It’s kind of crazy to look at our lives now, grown up, when it really felt like yesterday when only a couple of the kids were out of high school. Now, we’re all married, with kids and essentially “grown up.” I don’t think if you asked me 5 years ago what my life would be like at 29 I would have ever predicted married with 2 kids. The funny thing is, I would never change it, because of how amazing life is. Despite any hardships there may be, I would never go back and do anything over again, because those moments bring you to this exact moment.

Anyway, I love this picture and I love my family.

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