Day 138 – Not Much Here

I’ve spent the last little bit watching the Epic Rap Battles of History videos on YouTube. I actually probably listened to most of them on Spotify, but watching the videos are pretty fun. I have about a half hour left of work, and almost forgot to blog.

Nothing really planned for my next 3 days off, but I know it will probably consist of some PS4 and Game of Thrones probably when the kids are sleeping. Also, mowing the lawn would probably be a necessity.

I always get excited knowing I get to spend the next couple of days with the kiddos. Unfortunately Jen has to work Tuesday and Wednesday, but that will make Thursday great when we all get to hangout. This blog is not going to have much to it as my brain is not coming up with very good stuff, but as long as I get my daily blog then I’m good. I’ve kind of found that even though I can force out amazing blogs everyday, it’s still just the repetition of it being part of my day and a routine that I like. Maybe on my days off I’ll start to brainstorm for a podcast i can do at night in my basement. Not going to actually go for it yet, but just brainstorm some things. I need to find that niche thing I can talk about on a frequent basis, but that is the hard part. I just don’t know what I am really passionate about.

So that’s all going on here, sorry for the lame blog, but hope everyone has had a great Monday :-).


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