Day 139 – A Sick Baby….I Think

Cutting this one down to the wire and writing this on my iPhone (I hate doing that) but our daughter Amelia has been sick…..well I think. 

Last night she woke up and had thrown up. She wasn’t acting odd, but just woke up when she got sick. She ended up falling back to sleep with no further issues, until this evening. 

I had fed her her dinner and was finished and getting Ricky’s ready when I looked over at her and she had thrown up pretty much all of her baby food. She continued to act fine after that.

Then, not long after, Jen came home and we decided to try and give her some Tylenol to help with her teeth which should be in any day now. Right as we were giving her her medicine she threw up 3 more times right in a row. These were not just spit up scenarios, but full on projectile barfs which I took most of the brunt of. 

After that she continued to act fine. We gave her and Ricky a bath and now they are both sleeping. Hoping she doesn’t get sick again but besides throwing up, she’s acting fine. So because of that fun, this blog is right down to the wire. Here’s to hopefully the kids sleeping ok.

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