Day 141 – A New Setup

So I have been eyeing a new computer desk for some time now, but just have been unsure about whether I should or not. I finally decided to go through and pick up a new desk from Wal-Mart. I’ve been rally wanting the L-shape designed because it gives me room not just for the computer, but also room to work on things if I need to. With the old set up, it was just in the corner, and I really didn’t have a work space. I’m really happy with it, and it really did not take too long to put together. What is even better is I did not break anything either. 

I’m about 10 minutes shy of my deadline ,and I plan on heading up to clean the kitchen before I head to bed. Both kids are sleeping, and it’s back to work for Jen and I. I only have to work a few days and then I’m off Monday-Thursday which will be awesome. I’m sitting here watching Idiot Abroad on the iPad. Sadly, my iPad has taken another hit, and the screen has been broken for the third time! It’s gotta be m fault because Ricky’s iPad was dead so I figured I’d let him play with mine. I have a case on it, thinking all would be well, but I was sadly mistaken. Hopefully it doesn’t get any worse than what it is. I can handle the small crack, even though it goes completely from one corner to the other, it’s very thin so when I’m watching things I don’t really see them.

I hope with this new setup, I can drive myself to get going on some projects, and get the basement cleaned up some, or at least delcuttered where Amelia and Ricky can play. Amelia is on the move crawling around so she almost prefers to be crawling around, then in a jumper.

Alright I’m about 7 minutes from my deadline so I will wrap this up and head up and try and clean up the kitchen. Any tips for decorating the desk? I have the TMNT guys up there and my bookends, but there are two spaces that are mostly empty that I could probably put something cool in. We shall see, if I get anything sure awesome, then I’ll post some pictures.


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