Day 142 – I Am Dragging

I don’t know why I feel so tired this evening, but I just can’t wake up. I have a feeling it may be my contacts, which seems to be a little odd. My vision just feels fuzzy, and it may be time to start a new pair of contacts. I have the 2 week disposable kind and I’m thinking that maybe I am at that point.

I freaking love the new desk I got yesterday. Once I get the basement cleaned up I’ll feel like it is actually an office type environment. I want to hang up some cool pop culture posters and things to decorate. I feel like if the basement is a fun place to look at it, then I will be motivated to do work. OR I could just not be a lazy bum, that seems like a better route.

Today was nice because both Jen and I worked later in the afternoon so I got to hang out with her and the kids before going to work. One of my favorite parts of the day is getting up and having a cup of coffee. It is simply ideal if it is on my day off, and if Jen is off too. I just enjoy spending time with them.

I have been trying to stay on top of the dishes at least to make sure the sink is cleaned out, and if I can do additional cleaning then it’s a bonus. We brought a rug in to the living room to help give Amelia a bit of a cushion to crawl around on, I’m just hoping the dogs don’t pee on it. Right now, if they pee, then it’s on the hardwood, but if they pee on this rug, then it means we have to remove the carpet from the living room. Goofy dogs.

It has been a fairly slow even so far at work, and I’m hoping it continues. I have a 3-day work week this week and then I’m off for 4-days which will be awesome. I’m still hoping for the shift to normal hours, but right now I’m just playing it by ear and hoping something comes up soon, but not betting on it as it has been about 3 weeks since mentioning it to my boss. At least it’s on her radar.

Hope everyone has a great evening, as I need to get back to work.


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