Day 143 – Can I Get A Yawn

So I have almost been blogging for 150 days straight! I don’t get much outside gratification from that, but for someone who has a hard time consistently sticking to ANYTHING, this is a plus so far. Even if I were to stop blogging tomorrow, just knowing that I blogged for over 140 days is a pretty good feeling.

I’m at work, as I usually am when i write these, and I’m just watching some YouTube videos. I plan on going home tonight and recording my May Loot Crate unboxing video. I made a few quite some time ago, but figured that it doesn’t hurt to just make new YouTube videos every once in a while. At least, this is the plan, because I have shot out about 200,000 yawns already tonight and my motivation tends to plummet after work.

My parents watched the kiddos today since Jen and I both had to work, and I love how much fun they have with them, especially Ricky. Yesterday they took Ricky on a walk in the wagon, and he played outside, and then today my dad sent me a few videos of Ricky playing outside in a little fountain they have. My parents love the heck out of those kids, and I can’t thank them enough for watching them when we need them too.

I ordered a pop filter today for my microphone off Amazon, it was like $6.00 total and is just a good thing to have when you are recording any type of vocal stuff. I really need to use the night time to my advantage after the kids go to bed. Even if it’s on days I work, I still have 3 days off which I could do something productive, and essentially create various things for the week. It’s pretty ambitious, as I normally am at work, but hey, doesn’t hurt to stay encouraged a bit.

Not much else going on, just trying to stay awake on this slow evening. Jen is off tomorrow so I get to hang with her and the kids before going in, and it is essentially my Friday before I’m off for 4 days which will be Ah-Mazing! Have a great day all!

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