Day 145 – Ahead of the Game

Well I haven’t stayed up to date on my blog for some time. What I mean is that i normally write my blog the day of, if not that night, but today I’m feeling motivated, and we’re really slow at work, so I’m writing ahead just a little bit. The thing with my blog is that it’s hard to try and write too far ahead I’m finding, because I don’t really have a set topic I write on. Maybe if this was a niche blog, and I wrote about specific things, I could plan out a bit, but because it’s whatever I have going on, I can’t really predict the future.

Today is essentially my Friday before a nice 4-day weekend, in which I don’t have a lot planned. I’m  hoping to actually get in a routine, like I am with this blog, and start turning out some productive YouTube material. I am finding that most of the income I have accrued from my YouTube videos, which isn’t more than say $30 a month, has come from tutorial videos on my Mac. Nothing major, as I am in no way a super technical person, but I have tried to make videos that an everyday Mac user would find useful. They are not hard to make with my screen capture program, it is just finding the right topic to cover. I would love to spend a couple nights recording things for the whole week, but I have to battle not just my work ethic, but also the kids. Since most of the videos I make I am talking over, I can’t really have kids yelling in the background. My solution to that is to wait until the kids go to bed, which is totally an option as long as Amelia sleeps a decent amount of time through the night, which does happen.

It’s just little curve balls that tend to come up that throw off my drive. For example, Saturday night when I got home I planned fully to record the unboxing of my Loot Crate for May. I actually did get to record it, after issues with my tripod, and I had just wrapped up recording the unboxing when my wife text me to come get Amelia who was not wanting to go back to sleep. Here’s the thing, that is my number one priority, so I can’t get mad or say well Jen I’m doing something, she is the first response when Amelia wakes up to feed her, if she’s still not going back to bed, then I am backup. That’s part of the parenting thing haha, but those are the things that tend to come up. Luckily she went back to sleep after a little bit, and I was able to go back down and throw the video together. I would have liked to put a little more quality in to it, but it was getting late, and I knew the kids would be up early. Correct I was as I got up with Amelia around 8am.

So it’s just trying to make things work, and I’m not the only one who has ever thought about trying to do something at home and have to work around kids. Probably half of the people who do stuff on YouTube probably have the same issues, so you just have to push through and stay committed, which I’m hoping to try and do. Ultimately, I want to make YouTube a quality income for myself and family. I want to have some sort of creative thing that I can say I built. That originally was the podcast, but again with being a dad, finding the time, and a sitter to be able to leave the house for a few hours was tough. This project allows me to do it on my time at my house, without having to leave the kids or my wife at all. I can knock it out when they are asleep.

So we’ll see how it works out, this 4-day weekend may be a perfect inspiration for me to get things going. I want to get the basement picked up a bit more and in shape, and I may even turn my new desk to a new angle, instead of both sides being up against the wall. I’m trying to think about a good angle for video recording, and rotating it to the right just a bit may work. We’ll see, but until then I hope everyone has a great Monday, and enjoy the holiday if you are off work.

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