Day 147 – This Is What I Needed

I have finally found the type of evening I needed to get some things done. I’m actually writing this blog just a few hours after Day 147 posted, but regardless I’m rolling along. I have uploaded 2 YouTube videos and am writing a blog now. I’m starting to feel the tiredness kick in, and I’ll probably give in shortly because I know the kids will be up early tomorrow, but it just feels good to get something accomplished. On top of that, I have 2 more full days off before having to be back at work which feels amazing.

So I decided to start a campaign to try and get a “viral video” I uploaded hit 1,000,000 views soon. It’s currently sitting at 996,917 views. It was a video that when I uploaded it last year, made the front page of Reddit, and even was picked up by websites like the Bleacher Report which was kind of cool. It’s simply a video of me with overdubbed commentary of this kid getting hit by an Albert Pujols homerun. It’s not a brutal video, and it’s more of the kid’s reaction when he tries to hold it together (like I totally would have done) that is pretty funny. Check out the video below, and if you have 2 seconds, maybe share it on your preferred social media platform, I would really appreciate it!

My desk is coming together nicely, the best part of having some form of a computer desk is the decorating it with various items. I have kept most of those things to the shelves at the top and nothing on the desk itself, but the more I see these subscription boxes outside of Loot Crate, it’s making me itch to get all of them. I won’t, because at $20 a month that adds up, but there are some pretty cool ones out there.

Jen works till 5 tomorrow so me and kiddos will hold it down again. I’m not sure what the weather is supposed to be like, but if it’s nice then maybe I will take them out so Ricky can get some exercise and Amelia can, I guess just see the sky or something. I took them to the mall tonight to see Jen, and their faces lit up when they did. It’s that mommas touch she has going on I’m pretty sure.

So that’s all I got going on, and glad to get the blog knocked out, with pretty good length, so early. Now I need to wrap some things up, and probably head to bed. By the way, I ordered a few stickers of this clothing logo I designed some time ago, just to see how the stickers would look, they came in, check em out below.


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