Day 150 – 150 Days and a New Look

I spent a good portion of my time after work last night working on getting my blog redesigned. I’m by no means a pro at web design, but the options WordPress provide allow me to at least have a decent looking blog. One of the things I was most excited to figure out, is how to have link menus drop down on my page. Before I had an actual page for example called YouTube and I would embed a bunch of videos on it. It looked ugly, but now I actually have a button that said Social Media and a drop down comes down and you can click on YouTube and it actually takes you to my YouTube page. This really cleaned up my blog I think, and organized it a lot more. I also got rid of a few unnecessary pages like my blog challenge and portfolio. I don’t really have a whole lot to showcase right now, so I figured it wasn’t needed.

The design change also came with my 150th day of blogging in a row. With about 33 more blogs, I’ll be halfway through my year. I feel like this year my consistency has really changed. I am still lazy as all heck, but maybe doing the podcast before kind of got me in to a routine to stay with things. Now that I have stopped that, maybe my pursuit of other projects will keep the same consistency.

By the way, if you are here reading my blog, maybe take a minute and just click around and let me know if you find anything that does not work, or design wise you don’t like. Are you able to read these blogs ok? I really like the white background with the grey lettering, but I want to make sure you can actually read it. Any feedback or tips for my blog, I am totally open too. Again, I am by no means a pro web designer, and at the very best, I’m amateur so I’m just trying to make it look a little more professional. I’m happy with how it has turned out, and if I’m able to, I’ll try and maybe do a little more work on it while I’m here at work, but the majority of what I wanted to do is done so I’m happy.


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