Day 151 – Holy Busy Night At Work Batman

So putting off my blog until work finally bit me in the butt. I normally write my blogs at work, and the weekends are fairly slow, but this evening was not the case. I was pretty much nonstop busy for the last 5 hours of work so I missed my midnight deadline to blog by about an hour.

I mean I’m only holding myself responsible to blog everyday, but still I do try and get it written before midnight of that day. It’s not the first time it has happened, and as I always say, it will probably not be the last time, but still I feel like a bit of letdown when I don’t do it on time.

WOrk is almost over, and I have about 25 minutes left. My gameplan is go home and watch the newest episode of Game of Thrones. It’s pretty much my highlight of Sunday nights. Tomorrow is my last day of work before my weekend begins so I’m pretty excited for that. I think Jen goes in at 5 so I get to spend the whole morning with her and the kids which is my absolute favorite thing.

This won’t be super indepth but I just wanted to write it before I went home.  Sorry I missed my deadline, but at least I blogged right. Have an excellent Monday morning everyone.


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