Day 152 – Sleep Habits Are All Messed Up

I have a major issue of getting home from work, normally around 2am, and have a huge burst of energy. Ideally I should just go lay in bed, but I have a hard time winding down. Last night, I went home and watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones, which was an awesome episode I thought, and instead of going to bed when that was over (about 3:20AM) I decided a game of baseball on PS4 would be good. I really thought it would be a quick game, but I guess it never is. Ultimately the game got over around 4-something AM and I went to bed.

Not long after that, I honestly don’t know what time it was, Amelia woke up crying. It was all a daze, but I got up with her and gave her a bottle and laid back down on the couch with her. Jen and Ricky came down around 9am and I was sitting there just dead to the world. Jen told me to go up and lay down for a bit, which was perfectly acceptable and also awesome of her. I figured I’d go lay down at this point from like 10-11:45am and get up and spend some time before I go to work at 1pm. No sir, I slept until close to 12:30pm and basically got up, showered, let Jen shower and then had to leave. I felt terrible about sleeping so long.

My body still hasn’t really accepted the fact that when I get off work, I should probably go to bed. I would have been majorly out of luck if Jen had to be in at work early today. It’s just hard to go to bed when I get home because my brain is awake. I’m not sure if it’s the drive home or what, but I just have a hard time going to bed.

Today is my Friday, and will actually be staying at work until 1:30am instead of my usual midnight because of call-offs. They have the Cardinal game on here so that’ll at least help kill a little bit of time. Jen is off tomorrow so I’m excited to spend the day with her and the kids, and she is also off Thursday which is great. I really hope to let Jen sleep in tomorrow and take it easy, because I feel like lately, I’ve done all of the relaxing.

Hopefully the rest of the evening goes by fast, but it seems to be at least slower than it was last night so that’s always good.


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