Day 158 – A Transitioning Time

I’m sitting here at work currently listening to the Mitch Murder Pandora station. There is something really enjoyable about the sounds of 80s themed music. The heavy synth driven music for some reason makes me think of games like Streets of Rage, which I don’t even know if it is based in the 80s, but it has that same feel.

Today I officially deactivated the Facebook account. I made sure to back up everything last night, and some of the choices you can make are kind of interesting. You can actually go in to Facebook and choose who would have access to your Facebook if you passed away. I was just joking about this kind of thing with my buddy Tippin a short time ago, but I did not realize you can actually have somebody do it.

So the application has been removed from my phone, and unless I activate the account again, I have no need to make anymore trips to Facebook. We’ll see how it goes, but I really shouldn’t feel a need to “have to go back.” I want to try and enjoy the moment in life more than having to worry about sharing those moments. Maybe I’ll throw out a picture to Instagram here and there, but there’s no need to take 15 pictures from a baseball game and post them on Instagram. I’d like to have quality over quantity.

I really don’t know what it is about the year so far, but I have had way more thoughts about bettering myself, then anytime before. I feel like I’m starting to see life differently instead of maybe I have in years passed. I don’t know if there was something that triggered this, or how substantial these feelings are, but I just feel more appreciative of things. I still have a major long way to go, and need to do things I’ve been saying I need to do for some time. Starting to run again is probably the biggest thing right now, but I have to wait for this crap I did to my knee to get back in order as I’m afraid there could be something not good in the horizon on my knee if I try and push it. Maybe I’m wrong, but after it bending whacky on that slide with Ricky, it feels like something is not right with it. I can walk on it fine, but getting up from sitting down I definitely feel it in my knee. May just be soreness, I’m hoping so, but I don’t want to rush into putting too much strain on it.

Jen and I have both mentioned getting a gym membership, but we’re trying to figure out the logistics of how to do that with kids and how to make it work. With my work schedule being late nights, it would force her to have to go workout in the morning provided she doesn’t’ work that day too.

So not much else going on here while I try and kill some time at work. It is an adjustment to not just go right to Facebook, but luckily having to reactivate the thing makes it hard to just go to it out of habit.  That login screen is all I need to say, wait you don’t need this.

I hope you all have had a great Sunday, and with each one in the last few months, I look forward to watching Game of Thrones tonight. I think there are only two episodes left in the season so it should get kind of nuts.


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