Day 159 – Bring the Heat

It seems my next three days off are going to involve not just spending time with my family, but a lack of rain. I feel like my days off are always filled with rain showers or dinky thunderstorms. The next three days will supposedly have none of that, and even include some pretty warm weather.

If I could just find a way to get the next 2 1/2 hours to fly by, that would be excellent. I almost forgot to write my blog this evening, but luckily a lack of action on the phones has allowed me to not regret it.

I don’t really have a ton of plans for the upcoming days off, but I do know there is some stuff that needs to get done. I need to run by my parents house tomorrow to make sure they have water and food. My parents are out of town for the week so helping them out with that. I also really need to mow the lawn. I’m pretty sure I did not do it this last week. Hopefully with it being warm, that’ll help make it easy to cut.

I REALLY want to just open the windows up in the house and do some very late, spring cleaning. I want to turn on Spotify, and have Jen help me just attack all of the rooms. She is off Tuesday and Thursday, and I just think we could make a huge dent in the house if we just worked together. Even with the kids, we may have some down time to tend to them, but if we can just stay off of the phones, then I think we could do pretty good.

Laundry is currently our biggest issue, so maybe tomorrow will be a great time for Jen to declutter some of her belongings and we can donate some stuff.

Not much else going on, like I said, I’m ready for the evening to be done with and I’m glad I’m not here until 1:30am. I hope everyone had a great Monday!

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