Day 161 – Flick with my Son

My son took a fairly late nap today so he’s not quite ready to go to bed. I decided, since Amelia is sleeping and Jen is up in bed on the laptop, that I would have an impromptu movie night with him.

We are watching the animated film Over the Hedge. I just saw it was on HBO on demand, and this movie was actually a preview on the movie Flushed Away which Ricky really likes. So far he seems pretty into it which is cool. I popped some popcorn to make sure we get the movie watching vine down.

This made me kind of think that Ricky may be ready to go see a movie at a theater soon provided I grabbed is some popcorn and maybe a drink. I’m pretty sure it’d have to be an animated movie too, which is cool.

So that’s all going on now. I’m not sure if he’ll make it through the whole movie, but because of his late nap I figured he wasn’t ready for bed yet. I hope everyone has had a great Wednesday.

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