Day 164 – The Girl Who That Does Not Sleep

I am feeling a bit exhausted today courtesy of my lovely daughter Amelia. Last night, though she had bits of sleeping moments, I feel like made sure to wake up as much as possible. I normally get home around 2am, last night it was a little after as we were just about out of formula so I was going to pick some up from Wal-Mart. 2am is the ideal time to go to Wal-Mart for the record.

So when I got home, Amelia had just fallen asleep, and I ended up probably getting to bed around 3am. Amelia decided that 5am was a good time to wake up needing a bottle, so I got up, hooked her up and then laid down on the couch with her to get her back to sleep. This was successful until about 7:30am, which is where we are now as it nears 11am. Jen had to work today at 9:45am so in hopes for her to get some sleep, I took care of the girl, which is fine because she probably holds the lead for amounts of time that she has gotten up.

I’m hoping MAYBE Amelia will lay down in a bit and I can also get in a little nap on the couch. This is the normal routine as Ricky will also lay up with me and play on the iPad. If she doesn’t, which is also likely, I will just have to load up on some gnarly amounts of caffeine for work tonight. I’m sure 1:30am will feel like an eternity when I get to work, but I must say, I enjoy the folks I work with so that helps when I get to work.

Not much else going on today, I got some dishes done, and cleaned off the counter. Depending on what Amelia does, I may try and clean up some more. Jen’s dad is watching the kids tomorrow for a few hours, so I don’t want him to have to worry about breaking his neck on toys or any nonsense in the kitchen/living room.

Alright, I’m going to see if Amelia will lay down while it’s early kind of early. Normally I can nap until about 1pm, and if Amelia is laying on em, she sleeps pretty good, so it’s just a matter of will she lay down. Wish me luck, and everyone have a great Saturday!

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