Day 166 – What the Hell Call of Duty?!

So I’m watching Sony’s E3 presentation, and I want to first say how freaking stoked I am that they announced the Shenmue III Kickstarter. That puppy is already up to $445,000 of its $2 million dollar goal, and it probably opened up about a half hour ago.This is one of the few games I hold dear to my heart, and I cannot wait to see this fully get funded and released in what appears like 2017.

With that said, not long after that, we got the new trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Holy crap, I don’t know at what point this franchise jumped the shark, but it has become chaotic and absolutely nonsensical. This game takes place in 2065 and I was swarms of bugs, jedi powers (or something) and wall running. This game just completely looks like a mess.

The problem is they’re seemingly trying to be too much like Halo or Destiny. It’s too futuristic. The market is flooded with enough futuristic first person shooters. What I always enjoyed with COD was how it was a more realistic feeling shooter. Yeah it was like a Michael Bay movie, but at least it kept my interest as a somewhat real shooter. I still would prefer the WWII error Call of Duty games, but I understand you can only do so many stories from that era, but at least keep the modern age going. It’s too futuristic and now just seems like they’re throwing anything they could think of at the game. Robots, bugs, fire, whatever we can do let’s give it to em.

I’m just disappointed because part of me thought, maybe this game will go back to not being so nuts, but no. Call of Duty continues to disappoint and I will continue to lean towards Battlefield.

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