Day 167 – A Lazy Tuesday

I just woke up a little bit ago as in my attempt to get the kids asleep, I had to take a small nap I suppose. I checked the time at around 10pm and did not think I would fall asleep until after midnight, but well, here I am.

The kids are however asleep as Jen is too so I figure I’ll type this out and then maybe go back to bed. Today has been a bit of a lazy day as it has rained most of it. Normally I get bummed out if we don’t do much, but today I was pretty cool with it.

Not too much else going on, it’s actually a little difficult to type as my contacts are being goofy after falling sleep with them in. The view is a little blurry. It’s almost after 1am and Amelia tends to wake up for some reason around 2am so I will probably prepare for that.

So I missed my deadline, but more because I slept longer than I expected, but it’s all good. I hope everyone had a great Tuesday, and I saw the Golden State Warriors ended up winning the NBA Championship so that’s cool. I was pulling for The Cavs, but it was a series where I was cool with either winning.


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