Day 169 – We’re Terrible at MLB 15: The Show

My blog is about 15 minutes late tonight but with good reason. Jen and I got to spend some quality time with our friends Darin and Lindsay. Darin I’ve known since about 5th grade and we spent much of the night playing video games which was like old times!

We hit up the mall earlier in the day, did our usual rounds and rode a variety of elevators for Ricky’s sake, because he loves those things!

It was pretty evident playing video games tonight that Darin and I are both pretty bad at baseball games when playing on the same team, but it did at least provide quite a humorous time. I can’t wait until he dives in to the next-gen console world and we’ll get to play together more often. That should be happening sometime in September, so that’s not too far away. One sour spot of the night is our dog biscuit. He’s weird around me people and despite both Darin and Lindsay not acting afraid around the dogs, biscuit still would give them weird looks and growl. It’s weird because the kids can climb all over him and stuff and there’s no issue but I guess he’s just protective of us. I just want him to get more socialized somehow so I don’t have to worry about people coming over.

Alright off to bed. Glad Jen and I are both late worker tomorrow and don’t go in until 3:30. Have a great evening all!


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