Day 171 – To-Do Lists

How many of you have to use a to-do list to function on a daily basis? I like to think I’m somewhat of an organized person, but in reality I probably am not at all. As I continue to try and find productive and efficient ways to get things done, I’ve decided to take a stab at a daily to-do list. I don’t know if this will be what I need to make it click, but I’m giving it a shot.

In theory, I think if I plan what I want to accomplish each day, then I will plan better and not just “see what happens.” I really want to get this YouTube gig going strong. As I have been watching other YouTubers I have began to look in to ways to get a more professional feel of my videos. Obviously when I do how-to videos, I am doing screen capture and I don’t need much more there. What I do want to improve on is my “in front of the camera” videos where I may be doing an unboxing, a review or just talking about chest hair. As I was looking last night, I can buy a fairly cheap, but effective, lavalier microphone that I can plug right in to my iPhone and use as an essentially wireless microphone. All I would need to do is  sync it with the audio from my camera and my audio would significantly improve in quality.

Another improvement I am looking at, but too scared to invest in is lighting. You can actually purchase some pretty decent lighting kits for under $150. You can get the three point lighting, and even a gnarly green screen with this package, HOWEVER, I’m really have to figure out a set up to have this done. There is no way I am going to try and go all big and bad with something like this, if I don’t already have planned how how and where I will shoot it. Our basement may be big enough, but that means sacrificing the kids playroom which I don’t really want to do. That aspect is not as big a deal to me as having decent audio on videos so we’ll play it by ear.

Back to the list thing, I downloaded an application called Wanderlust, which is free for basic uses, but there were a few other options for applications I could have gone with. I am going to start my list today and develop it for tomorrow and hopefully in the next few days. Ultimately, if I can have a plan for at least a few days out, then I think things will be much more organized and maybe even a little less stressful. I don’t even mind if I have to almost plan every event of my day, if that gets me to complete things more than I am all for it. I’m pretty good at starting something and not finishing it, funny how this could go the same route, but seeing that I have “this” to do on “this day” will I think help me.

So we’ll see how it goes, I am going to get ready for work and begin planning out some things. I am hoping to workout tonight after work at the gym we have at work. It’ll be a late night, but I’m kind of done just being lazy and not happy with the shape my body is in. We’ll see how it all goes. Have a great Saturday all!


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