Day 172 – Lights Out!

So for some reason today the lights in our bathroom were not turning on, and the outlets seemed to not be working either. Me in my minimal knowledge of how to make things like this work again when using a fuse box, I told my wife, if she did not see any issues on the breakers, that she could try turning the master power off and seeing if turning it back on would make it work. For those playing at home, not the case.

As I’m driving to work my wife informs me the fuse box is now not flipping back on. Now, instead of now power just in the bathroom, the whole house is without power. I’m on my way to work and she said she would have her dad come over and see if he could get it working.

Unfortunately it was no luck for him either and it then began to appear that not only were we without power, but we were going to get to a point where Jen and the kids would have to battle light.

Ultimately, Jen’s dad was able to get an electrician over to the house and it appears like it was a quick easy fix that won’t cost an arm and a leg. It was relieving to know it was fixed and also that I know never to try and give advice or pointers when it comes to that type of stuff.

Last night, instead of going home right after work at 1:30am, I stayed and worked out a little bit. I didn’t do anything too crazy, because I have not worked out in any form in some time. I decided to just loosen up and give my knee a run to see how it would do. I did something to it as you may have seen a little while back on a slide with my son. It still bothers me, but after running a mile at about 7mph I did not feel any issues. I also rode a stationary bike thing for a good 10 minutes for about 3 miles and still no issues. I feel the usual soreness in my legs, but my knee was in good shape. Outside of that I did some lunges and some situps. It was really just getting my head back in to working out.

I plan on doing the same thing tonight and hoping to do a little more lifting. Maybe do some bench workouts, but I hope to do certain things every night. Situps and pushups are the main thing on that list. I think I will try and run every night, but I’m not sure it it’s better to do that first or after my workout. I feel like after would be good, but I’m going to do some research.

So that’s about all going on here. Ready for work to go by a little faster as we have about 2 hours left, but so far it’s been an okay day and a good father’s day. My wife let me take a little nap before work since I got up with the kiddos and let her sleep in a bit. I felt good, and despite the bit of stress with the power, the day has been pretty good.

One Reply to “Day 172 – Lights Out!”

  1. I would recommend more bike than treadmill at this point to minimize joint impact on your knee. Otherwise congrats on making it back in!


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