Day 173 – A Welcomed Weekend

I don’t know why I’m so ready for this weekend to begin, but I am. I am pretty happy that I have felt comfortable getting in to the gym here. Shoot, I even take a shower after I workout before I head home. It’s a nice little setup that works with what I want, and also, it’s empty during my hours at work. That will be something I’ll miss if I switch to a day shift down the line.

I sit here with just under an hour left of work, we’ve spent the day watching some women’s FIFA soccer today. It’s funny how easy it is to get behind the US team, even though I really don’t care much for soccer.

I’m pretty excited for Thursday because my parents are going to take the kids for a few hours so Jen and I can do some hardcore cleaning. I think we both finally hit that feeling of wanting to get our house in much better order. She has been busy the last few days doing some laundry and things, and I hope to pick up where she left off tomorrow. She doesn’t work until 5pm so that gives us some time to tag team it a bit if the kids allow.

That’s about all I have going on here. A short blog today. I should get my Loot Crate tomorrow so you can expect an un-boxing sometime tomorrow hopefully. I’m not super crazy about the theme this month, but hopefully it’ll have some cool stuff. Have a great week everyone.


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