Day 176 – Get Yo Clean On

It was an early start to the day, but when you’re driven by motivation, then the lack of sleep doesn’t always bother you. Jen and I had a strong plan to get the house picked up. My parents were going to watch them for about 4-hours while we went to town, and that is essentially what happened. It was a very productive day, which thankfully, could have been one spent in the hospital.

Let me say that I don’t claim to be the greatest father on earth, and though I think I’ve tried especially hard this year for that covenantĀ Dad of the Year award, today I think my chances went down he toilet. See, our house has stairs. Not a lot of stairs, but stairs nonetheless. I was getting the kids ready for my parents house, and they were essentially good to go so I decided I would make some coffee real fast for the road. It wasn’t more than about 2 minutes when I heard a muffled thud at the bottom of the stairs. Apparently, Amelia had pushed the gate on our steps to the basement down and basically road it down to the bottom. The thud and then the crying scared the crap out of me, but thankfully I think she did just that, road it to the bottom and it scared her.

I thoroughly inspected her for any bumps, bruises or heaven forbid, broken bones, but to my luck there was nothing. She really didn’t even cry as much as I thought she would, and at no time was there a blood curdling scream so that’s always a good sign. To put a salt on the wound, Ricky continually reminded me that she fell down the stairs. I’m thankful she didn’t get hurt as it just as easily could have been far worse, but I still felt really bad. I thought I had the gate up pretty good, but as Amelia gets stronger standing up, she gains more strength pushing off of her legs.

So anyways, besides that brief bit of terror, the day has been good, and we got our room, the kids room and Amelia’s room all cleaned up really well. We have been knocking out laundry, which I have to go put a load of my stuff in now, but it was just a well needed day of cleaning. The basement is still a bit of a mess, but for now, because of the progress we made, I’m ok with it, and I think Jen is on board with really finally getting the house in order.

It’s back to work tomorrow for the weekend, and then I will get a 4-day weekend as I am off July 3rd for the holiday. I’m beat now since Amelia got up around 6:30am, and as much as I’d like to keep going with the cleaning, I feel I’m at a good stopping point to let the dishes go through the dishwasher and the washing machine run with my stuff. I’m tired and ready for bed. Have a great Friday all!


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