Day 180 – A 5 Day Weekend

Hey guys, I’m pretty excited I’m nearing day 200. Despite some missed deadlines on my blogs, this isn’t actually as hard as I thought it would be. I think maybe because my brain has established an automatic reminder that says I need to blog today. I guess my friends that is called a routine. Cool!

I took PTO today to make my weekend a day longer. I’m off Friday for the holiday, since it falls on a Saturday companies acknowledge the weekday before as the day off holiday thingy. So instead of 4 days off, I’m going to be off 5. Well day 1 is almost over so you get the idea.

Today was spent doing a whole lot of nothing at first. I honestly don’t remember much about the start of the day and all the way up until about 4:30pm. Jen worked at 5 so it was nice hanging with the family before she had to leave. I decided to take Ricky and Amelia to the park to just get out and get Ricky some exercise. It paid off as his bedtime was not challenged a bit this evening. They actually both crashed about 5 or 10 minutes apart and by 9:30pm at that. Hey-oooo!

Ricky was having a good time at the park, and even decided to engage in some water activities as they have fountains you can run through. I didn’t really equip him with swim trunks, so he just ran out in his shorts. He got to run around for about 10 or 15 minutes before a down pour pretty much ended it. It lasted about 15 minutes and involved some pretty heavy wind and rain. Ricky was also pretty compliant with leaving the park too, which is always nice. Too many times he has a screaming fit and fights to get in the car when we have to leave. I offered him a trip to Wendy’s and Target as a bit of a bribe.

We did just that, hit up Wendy’s for dinner and then headed home to get him in to some dry clothes and check Amelia’s diaper situation. After we got all of that taken care of, we hit up the ol Target. We didn’t really buy anything, he just enjoys going there and looking at toys and stuff. It was a good time, and a good way to keep Ricky from passing out. If we would have made any longer of a trip then he would had been fast asleep.

So now I’m here, fresh out of the shower, just to refresh my brain a bit, and now deciding if I want to try and do some YouTube stuff or play some Xbox/PS4. I haven’t really played a ton of games lately, so sometimes it’s nice to know I have a solid block to game a bit. We’ll see what happens. I’ve also debated of just going to sleep, but that will probably come sooner than later anyway.

I hope you all have had a great Monday!


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