Day 182 – A Slow Day and a Nap

So today hasn’t been too crazy as Jen and I were both off. It wasn’t super productive, but it’s always nice having Jen home with me and the kids. She took them out for a walk around noon so that gave me time to pick up the kitchen and living room. It was really hot, so on their way back she texted me to get the pool ready so the kids could cool off.

After that, Jen took Amelia up to take a little nap and Ricky and I were hanging out on the couch watching a show on Netflix and we both totally passed out. I think the whole family was tired because we did not wake up until closer to 7pm. This lead to a late dinner and the kids not getting to bed until almost 11:30. I’m now hanging out writing this blog and trying out the Periscope app and streaming live.

I’m jamming out to the Kung Fury soundtrack, I can’t get over that David Hasslehoff song.

This is going to be a pretty short blog, but just wanted to post something. Tomorrow I think I’m going to go to my buddy Darn’s parent’s house to do some fireworks so the kids should enjoy the heck out of that. I hope everyone has had a great day so far.


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