Day 183 – Fireworks

Today was a pretty good day except for the fact that my wife did not get to really partake in it. I hangout with the kids until about 4 when we all took a little nap. Well Amelia and I did for a few minutes, I think Ricky stayed up playing on my phone in the bed, but it was all good. It would lead to an easy to bed mode for him later on.

After 6pm we met a lady my wife was selling something to on Craigslist, so we met her and then came home to get the kids ready to head to my buddy Darin’s parent’s house to watch some fireworks.

We got there about 8pm and had a good time catching up. Ricky and a blast shooting off fireworks, and even got to do a few sparklers which he enjoyed. Jen showed up just after we finished, but we still got to hangout and chat for a few minutes. I’m now down with Amelia trying to wear her down for bed. She’s pretty fussy, so I think I may take her up and give her a bottle hoping that’s what it will take.

Not much else going on. tomorrow is my last day off before going back to work, so I’m hoping it’s a good one. I hope everyone has had a great Thursday. Sorry for another short blog, but this little girl is fussy! Run for your lives!! 😉

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