Day 190 – He’s Going Up!

Today was one of those days where you get to appreciate being a homeowner, for better or for worse. As I have mentioned, we have been loaded with rain in the recent days, and today was one of the first days in a while it was somewhat decent, and dry! I decided it would be in the best efforts of the house to go out and mow the lawn.

Our lawn has been in the pattern of getting super high because the days that it’s dry, I’m not able to get out and mow. So getting out there today meant taking it slow to make sure it got cut and looking decent. I also successfully mixed oil and gas for my weed whacker for the first time. It’s stuff like that you realize it would be nice if you were taught. I’m sure my dad showed me once or twice in my life, but today I had to resort to the ol YouTube. Luckily it was successful.

After getting the grass mowed, I decided I should set my fear of heights aside and get up on the room and clean the gutters. Our gutters had gotten pretty rough and it looked like things were starting to grow out of them. We actually got a note from the city of Wentzville stating that this was occurring and it needed to be removed. I can’t say it was a crazy amount of “growth” but it probably was good to get up there and clean them.

I grabbed the ladder and set it up on the deck, as that was the lowest point in which to get on the room. After having my wife steady the ladder, I successfully arranged myself on the roof. Luckily, my loving wife decided to make jokes about how high dad was to Ricky and if I fell off I could probably break my neck. Thanks babe. So I slowly shimmied my way across the roof to clean out all of the gutters, and I was able to all the gunk cleaned out. It was pretty nasty, but I had purchased some heavier duty work gloves earlier in the day which prevented much of the nastiness from making it to my hands.

I finished up by spraying some weed killer along the rock in our front yard because it was also starting to get nuts. I trimmed it up with the weed whacker, but I wanted to spray it after to try and kill the rest of it so I could pull it up on my next DRY day off.

The last part of the day was spent getting my haircut. I took Ricky with me and he did an awesome job of hanging out while I got it done. I was concerned he wouldn’t be patient enough to sit, but luckily he was pretty in aw of all of the stuff going on around him.

Back to work tomorrow, and right now I’m sitting in the basement attempting to get Amelia to pass out. She took a pretty crazy long nap today so I’m not liking my odds, but it seems like when she gets in her jumper she finds a way to put herself to sleep so here’s to hoping.

I hope you all had a great Thursday, and for those who are off on the weekend, best of luck getting through tomorrow!


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