Day 193 – A Quickie Before Bed

So I decided not to workout tonight as I really didn’t eat any dinner. I left my debit card at home so I didn’t want to try and do much of a physical workout if I didn’t think I’d have much energy.

I totally forgot to write the blog tonight at work so I’m at home, 2:30am and I have about 6% of battery left on my laptop so this is a race against the clock to type out. I’m also devouring a banana popsicle, which regardless of popular belief, are the best popsicles in the history of popsicles. Mmmmm so good.

I was going to come home and work on some YouTube stuff, but I think it may be good to try and get to bed at a somewhat decent time. Especially because Amelia will probably be up soon and I have to work one more day tomorrow before my weekend.

I’m turning in my resume for a opening with a next tier desk tomorrow too so hoping for good things on that front. I would love to get to normal working hours. Not just for me, but for my family and to have a bit of normalcy. Also, I know I love having 3 days off, but having a real actual weekend off on a regular basis might be kind of cool.

So anyway that’s what’s going on. This isn’t the greatest blog in the world, but I’m going to wrap it up and head to bed. See you all in the morning. On Twitter I guess. I won’t actually see you so that was a pointless statement. Der!

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