Day 194 – Hey I Did Not Forget

I feel like if you follow my blog, then you know a lot of my stuff is some nonsense. I just write about whatever, so if you still read it anyway, thank you.

Today is my Friday and work is almost over. I found out today that I have an interview on Thursday for another position at work. I believe it will be for more money and possibly more normal hours. I don’t quite know what the odds are of me getting it, but I think there are 3 spots open so I’m crossing my fingers.

Not much else to chat about really. Excited to have 3 days off with the kiddos and 2 with the wife. I think the one day she works is a short shift which is pretty sweet.

Probably need to do some major kitchen and living room cleaning. We talked today about getting rid of the red chair we have in the house because it seems to just take up too much room. Ultimately we would move everything against the wall and have a far nicer area to walk through. We’ll see if that takes place, but if we can sell the red chair then that will be awesome. Our dog Biscuit may be disappointed but I think he’ll get over it.

I am hoping to make some YouTube videos as well on my days off. Seeing the income coming in motivates me to create more. Obviously it’s not all about the money, but I like seeing that reward.

So that’s all I have, nothing too crazy. Just over an hour left and then I’m going to go workout and then head home. I hope you all have had an excellent day so far.


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