Day 198 – WWE Battleground

So a few days ago I just took a chance and entered in to win a pair of tickets to go to the WWE pay-per-view that was this weekend in St. Louis. It was one of those things where I thought, hey what the heck, and low and behold, this afternoon I received a Twitter notification from Mark Bland who hosts the QNow that I had won the 2 tickets. This is pretty exciting because there are actually going to be some fun matches. On top of that, I’m taking Jen with me and I’m curious to see what she thinks of the whole experience. I don’t win things too often, but this one is pretty cool.

Work has been super busy as I have been monitoring a single case for one of our clients. It was one of those I had to join a conference call to essentially listen in, and then it all went haywire and now I’m just getting things HOPEFULLY prepared for work that is going to be done tomorrow morning. It’s a bit stressful, but also one of those things that I think I handled well and with little direction.

I was going to workout tonight, but I honestly feel like my energy levels are tanked. I didn’t bring much to eat for lunch/dinner and I can feel my stomach craving for food. I’m hoping to make it up tomorrow with a strong workout. I think it will be knowing that I’ll be off on Sunday to go to the PPV.

Not much else going on. I have about 30 minutes left in my shift, and I’m just wrapping up to make sure all is set to go for the gentlemen who will be arriving on site tonight. That reminds me, I need to send an email out to review what all has gone down so far. Later.

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