Day 199 – A Productive Morning Before Work

Today has felt like a pretty good day so far. It probably even more so does because of the business of yesterday.

This morning, after Jen went to work, I took the kids to Mid River’s Mall to meet with Mark Bland, the guy who had hooked me up with the tickets to the WWE Battleground PPV tomorrow. I actually had a little interaction with Mark beforehand as he hosts a syndicated radio show online and when I was doing the podcast we were working on a doing each other’s shows. What I learned is how similar in a sense the two of us are.

The first thing is that we both have an interest in communication, his skills probably far exceed mine, and I’m pretty sure he has established himself pretty well in the broadcasting world, but what was interesting is that he also works for a company reporting network issues if they occur. He essentially works on the otherside of what I do where I would take the calls from him if his customer was one of our clients. That’s kind of a cool coincidence.

I only got to talk to him for a short time, but I am looking forward to chatting with him at the WWE event as he will be there as well sitting nearby. He said he actually came up training with WWE Superstar Randy Orton which is pretty cool!

I am really excited for tomorrow and I think Jen is going to have a blast too.

After meeting up with Mark to get the tickets, I took the kids around the mall a bit to kill time. They were so good, and it wasn’t a battle at all getting them to leave. Ricky blows my mind how not only big he’s getting, but how self-sufficient he is with things. When we got home from the mall I was giving Amelia a bottle on the couch and he quietly grabbed a lunchable out of the fridge, opened it and sat at the table and ate it. We did not have the TV on or anything, it was just a really oddly neat moment for some reason. Both kids are just so rad, and as they get older it’s so fun watching them interact.

Not much else going on. I have about 2 hours left of work and then I’ll be off tomorrow. I’m hoping to get some cleaning done before we leave for the PPV so Jen’s dad doesn’t have to worry about tripping over any junk. Luckily I have the basement cleaned up so he can take the kids down there and play if he wants to.

I’ll probably write a blog about Battleground, and I even think I may Periscope some of our drive down there. It could be fun, but we’ll see. I hope everyone is having a great Saturday.

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