Day 211 – A Time Capsule of Nostalgia

This week I received a little invite to share some of my thoughts on some cool gear that brings back my childhood. Items that I would love to see in a version of their Man Crates gift box. If it’s one thing I know about the Internet, we love us some nostalgia, and it seemed almost impossible to want to turn down the idea of talking about stuff that made my childhood rule. I guess that’s the reason I didn’t turn it down, and decided to write this blog about some of the great gear, toys, movies and whatever else comes to mind that made growing up in the late 80s and early 90s some of the best years of my life.

Photo Courtesy of
Photo Courtesy of

Before we get to my goodies, let me fill you in right quick on what exactly Man Crates are. Obviously you have probably seen all of the different subscription boxes out and about, well Man Crates provides some pretty gnarly gifts for guys that stem from gamers to beer drinkers to sports fans, shoot even the bacon loving guy has something out there for him with one of their crates. To find out more, check out the link, but beware because they have probably more than a few options that will hook you in. If I wasn’t on such a tight budget with my two kids (parenting is expensive) I would totally grab a gamer one. Maybe one day, but until then go check it out for me. I bet you’ll love the whole thing!

Alright, now on to my list of gear that pretty much gave me a boner as a kid, before I could even get boners. Don’t think too much about that, but just realize these little bits of nostalgia below are essentially what helped mold my imagination, my personality and probably even my sense of humor. Some of the things I wish would never go away, while some probably are better left dead, but I’d still model them off on my desk if I had the chance. I’ll break them in to categories to make it easy, and after checking out my list, share some of your go-to nostalgic trips. I’d love to see what you loved growing up.


  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze
    I know a lot of folks probably think the first movie was the best, but for some reason I 
    absolutely loved the sequel. I know the “Go Ninja” rap at the end was pretty cheesy, and for some reason the turtles were covered in moles, but I still really loved this movie. It’s one that I will continually watch if it comes on tv, and I definitely have the DVD to in my basement. 
  • The Wizard

  • You know how in Super Mario Bros. 3 there’s a part in the first castle that allows you to fly up and over the ceiling to get that secret flute? Well, I learned that from this movie, and the nod, though kind of silly, to Nintendo games is even more appreciated now then it was when I was a kid. I also for some reason found Fred Savage to be one of the greatest actors of all-time. Well, I did at least then, but the movie was just such a great nod to gamers, and it’s one I hope my son will appreciate when he’s older.
  • The Rock
    This has some sentimental value to it as this was the first rated-R movie that I ever saw in the theaters. I remember going with my friend and his dad, and it has since remained in my arsenal for go to action movies. I don’t think I had ever seen a movie before this one that used the F-word in it. I was feeling pretty tough, but it was also an introduction to my young self to sir Sean Connery, which is pretty cool in itself. I’ll even admit that Nicholas Cage was pretty cool in it as well, so you really have a double-whammy in the action movie department.

I’m not going to go in to as much detail with these as I did the movies or else this blog is going to be 250,000 words long, and I know our attention spans can be a little rough. So instead of posting descriptions, I’m just going to post the opening credits, except for my first one. This one will have some explanation because it has super special meaning.

  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
    Alright, we all know that Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers were the go to action shows of the 90s. I myself started with TMNT, but when the Power Rangers started it was game over for my action hero idols. Let me make a point that my love for Power Rangers lasted up until the first movie. After that, I think it fell off with the change of cast, but the original was amazing. Not only did I collect the toys, but my mom would religiously record every episode on VHS while we were at school. I still find home VHS tapes that will say “so&so’s dance concert” only to play it and find a Power Rangers episode taped over it.  We would come home after school and fire that puppy up. I was at Toys R Us yesterday and saw some of the original Power Ranger style toys and I immediately could justify dropping $16 on a 5in. red ranger action figure.
  • Nickelodeon GUTS
  • Denver the Last Dinosaur


  • ZBots
    ZBotsZBots were toys from Micro Machines. Essentially you had the good and bad robots. I think I first got one of these as a toy from Burger King or McDonalds. After that, I began collecting them, and I know somewhere around our house there is a VHS tape of me completely losing my sh*t when I got the ZBots Vortex HQ toy. I don’t know what made it feel so awesome. Maybe it was the Pokemon type feel of having to “collect them all”, but I loved the heck out of those things.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures
    Ninja Turtles
    This is obviously a no brainer for any kid that grew up in the 90s, but it’s with good reasons. The amount of toys there were and different variations was awesome. I think they tried to cash in on every type of personality for the turtles to have like a rocker or surfer or whatever. There were so many different bad guys, there was the Technodrome, the Turtle Blimp and a slew of other vehicles. This was my thing before Power Rangers, and they were a great introduction to my collection of action figures. It blew my mind to go in to a V-Stock and see a packaged Donatello turtle from the original figures that was $19.99. I think I’ve heard my mom say more than a few times, “I wish I wouldn’t have given all of your turtle toys away.” I know my brother and I both had a blast playing with them.
  • Creepy Crawlers
    Creepy CrawlersGirls had their easy bake oven, boys had their bug creating gelatin microwave that still blows my mind that our house still stood after having one. You poured the gel in tot he molds and then after putting it in the oven thing, out came thing rubbery bugs that never looked as cool as the commercial and always smelled like burnt plastic. I’m pretty sure they would not be able to sell that thing now, but I did find it at a Toys R Us probably about three or four years ago. I’m sure that version was highly updated and no longer a fire hazard to your home.


  • Nickelodeon Gack
  • NHL 96 (Sega Genesis)
  • Sega Channel (Gaming)
  • Pizza Hut birthday parties
  • Jurassic Park Virtual Pet

So those are some of my pics for things that would be awesome in a little time capsule of nostalgia. I could have probably listed bout 200 more things, but I did not want to take up all of your time. So what about you? What would you add to a time capsule from your childhood for all to see? Share them in the comments below of tweet me @CBumeter #IDontWannaGrowUp


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