Day 212 – Now It’s Time To Sleep

Today has felt like a really busy day. Jen lost her keys on her lunch break at Wal-Mart so on my way to work I took a detour to help her out. We weren’t able to find the keys, but we decided I’d go to work, and she could take my car to finish her shift. Long story short, she was able to find her spare keys at the house, and she came up to my work around 9:45 to pick me up so we could go get her car. It felt like a really long day, and I guess it was just because of the numerous driving trips.

I had to make it a point to write this when I got off of work, because I feel like I have slacked off a bit with my deadlines. It’s funny how much I enjoy writing though. I don’t know if I’m great at it, and I know my grammar is probably terrible, but I do like the routine of it.

I was listening to the latest episode of the Nerdist podcast, and the guest they had on was talking about how he likes to just disconnect sometimes. He said something to me that caught my attention. It was how when we were growing up, if we were bored or waiting for something, we didn’t have a phone to turn to. Now, even if it’s just a brief fault in whatever we’re doing, then it’s checking email or Facebook or Twitter. I think I’m going to try and spend some time during the day just sitting around with Ricky and Amelia. It doesn’t’ mean we’ll just sit there doing nothing, but maybe I’ll turn on some chill music and just play with toys or look at books. I just am starting to get worried that our kids, Ricky especially, is going to grow up dependent on devices like most of our culture is today. I want him to experience things that aren’t necessarily digital. That’s my current “dad” goal. I think I’ll start that tomorrow.

I don’t have a whole lot else to chat about. I’m really tired and as the time comes closer to 3am, I realize Amelia will either wake up soon, or just wake up early. I hate feeling really tired before work, so I should head to bed. Despite the curveballs today, it hasn’t been too bad, and Ricky got a great haircut that makes him like 15. It’s crazy how fast the kids are growing up, but man does it make each day being a dad more and more fun.

Alright, I’m going to take my contacts out and try to head to bed. Goodnight everyone!


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