Day 216 – You Are The Father

You know, it’s always a fun time finding out that for some reason you were not included on your son’s birth certificate. This is probably my fault for not signing something at the hospital when he was born, but the process to get added is a pain. Today I think we are about set to go to send the forms out to get corrected.

It’s kind of an important issue as Ricky currently is not on my insurance at work, and to get him added, I must have some kind of legal document showing that I am the biological father. Sadly, Maury is booked until December, so we had to go through the ol standard route of both Jen and I filling out the forms to get him added. These forms are extremely strict. You have to do it in black ink, there can be no scratch outs, mark-overs or white-out marks. You also have to get it notarized.

The funny thing about the documents getting notarized is that when we filled them out the first time I signed them after filling them out, not realizing that you have to do it in front of the person notarizing the documents. I did the EXACT same thing this time, but luckily the person who was doing it was able to still accept the signature and notarize them, but the swearing that took place when I realized what I had done was pretty comical.

So now, we just have to mail the forms out along with $30. $15 to get the birth certificate adjusted and $15 to get a new copy sent to us. It’s a pain, but obviously it’s a very important thing to have done. So that was much of our afternoon was getting this taken care of. It will be a bit of a stress reliever once Ricky is on my insurance, because he’s at that age where he’s just asking for a freak accident where he breaks his arm or something.

Not much else to report on the life front. I was going throughs one old Facebook videos and found some old ones that were pretty good. This one especially which features a scene from some 80s movie. Enjoy the guide to parenting below.


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