Day 223 – The 100th Episode

Today was a fun little throwback to when I was part of the Rock Paper Podcast. I got to join my good buddy Shane, who still hosts he show, for him making it to the 100th episode of the Rock Paper Podcast. For a show that interviews St. Louis comedians and musicians, it’s a pretty awesome feat to say not only did he consistently podcast at least once a week for a year, but he made it to 100 episodes. Most of which, were almost an hour in length. Huge congrats to him for keeping the show rocking!

I had a lot of fun sitting down with him and having a conversation. It was fun picking his brain a little bit about what he has learned doing the podcast and who he still wants to interview. You can hear the entire show below, which also feature a first half where he interviews singer Steve Ewing of the band The Urge.

EPISODE 100!!!

Before I had the pleasure of meeting up with Shane, I took the kiddos to the park in Dardenne Prairie to play around. Well for Ricky to play around. Amelia is still too young to do too much. She did however, take her first little mini step tonight, and we all got to see it. It won’t be long now before she’s primarily walking, and that is super scary.

I’m meeting with my dad tomorrow at noon to talk about some stuff and hangout. There’s a lot of things I want to talk to him about and kind of get his wisdom and advice on. Nothing major, but I’ve just been in a mindset of trying to get things in order. Whether it’s setting aside money to save or just keeping my garage in order, I want to ask him some stuff since it’s not like a huge family gathering. I’m not certain if my mom is working, but if she’s not then that’s like a double-team of insanely great advice. Yeah, I have some awesome parents.

I don’t have much to speak on outside of the already mentioned. I am at a crossroad of whether I want to go lay in bed with my headphones, or go down stairs and try and get some things done. I’m thinking I’ll save that for tomorrow as I feel like I will have a new sense of motivation after speaking with my dad. For the record, as it always seems to be anytime a “talk” needs to occur or whatever, my wife is not pregnant. That question also occurs if my wife like sneezes more than one time haha. It’s just something I asked my dad to do to sit down with me and talk about some stuff. I’m looking forward to it.

I hope you all have had a great Tuesday. One last little thought. The show Little People Big World is one of those shows I just don’t get tired of. The family is not a train wreck, and there isn’t really any major drama occurring. Sure Matt and Amy are in the midst (if not already) of a divorce, but the family just seems very genuine with good kids. It’s one of the few reality shows I can watch and not either be annoyed with or feel like I have to immediately call out that it’s staged.


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