Day 229 – Shows

Just got home from work, and I’m ready for my weekend. I have to write this quick as my laptop has about 9% left on it so it’s going to die soon.

Jen and I are both off Tuesday and Thursday so I’m hoping to get some things done. I’m kind of excited. On Thursday, Madden 16 comes out with the free preview for EA Access members. You get like 10 free hours of gameplay so I’m stoked to play a little bit.

I’m sitting here with Jen while she’s watching the show Orange Is The New Black. She’s really digging the show. I’ve never really watched it, but she and many others, really like it. I am still working Scrubs. I think I’m about 21 episodes through the first season. There really haven’t been any episodes so far that have felt like letdowns. They’re all really good. I really like the narrations that carry each episode.

Alright, it’s a shorty, and I need to take the contacts out and get ready for bed. Hope the kids sleep a bit longer, but if she wakes up it’s cool since I’m off. That makes waking up pretty easy.

Alright, you all enjoy your week.

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