Day 231 – A Blog to Blog About

Tonight is definitely one of those days where I don’t know what to rally blog about. I had a bit of a productive day by getting the kids’ bedrooms cleaned up, but my progress pretty much halted there.

Amelia is officially in her bed. Well, for the time being. We’ll see how long she lasts in there, but I think she’ll sleep better having more room than a pack and play.

Jen and I are both off tomorrow so we’re going to try and do something with the kiddos, weather pending. It’s always nice having days off together.

I’m hoping to hear back about my new position and when I’ll officially be starting. I’m also curious about what my hours officially will be, but I’m excited regardless. 

Well that’s all for now, going to get back to Finding Nemo which is on loop in our room so we’ll see how annoying that gets haha.

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