Day 233 – It’s Blog Time

I really need to find a way to navigate my inspiration and motivation in to productivity. I get really excited about ideas, but I don’t really ever follow through on them. My common excuse is that I have kids, and it’s hard to find time to follow through on things because of that. This is probably majorly false, and if I really wanted to do it, then I would.

With that said, it was a fine night at work, and I am now winding down my evening. I am halfway thinking about playing a game of Madden 16 on the Xbox One since I still have 10 hours left in the free trial. We’ll see, if I don’t, then I’ll probably just call it a night.

I sat down with my manager at work today to discuss the new position. She had been on vacation so we kind of caught up on details about it. From the sound of things, we’re estimating that I will stay on my current shift for another five weeks. That will slot my start time for the new position around the end of September, maybe September 25th, give or take. That’s just a rough estimate, but I will have to stay on for at least 5 more weeks before moving over. That’s not a big deal because I really enjoy the people I work with. That seems to be the fault in any new position is leaving the people you have become pretty fond of. I think some of you read this blog, so for those that do, thanks for being awesome people!

It was a beautiful night driving home. I think the temperature was about 68 degrees. I think if I would have driven with the windows down, then I might’ve actually gotten chilly. It’s nights like that, which make me really excited for fall. I love Halloween, I love the leaves falling and I love hoodie weather. I’m not a huge fan of scorching heat or bitter cold, just the middle of it.


It’s day two of my work week tomorrow, but I love getting to spend time with the kids before I have to work. I really should use that time to work on stuff, but though I use it as an excuse, there are times where the kids are just fussy and don’t want to just hangout. Again, that isn’t all the time, and I should use that time to be productive, but I just have a hard time applying myself to it.

Anyway, I think I am going to head to bed. I have to take out the contacts first, but I think I’m going to crash quick. One thing I want to try and shoot for as I move to this new shift is training my body to wake up much earlier. I’m good about getting up at 8 a.m. but I’d love to go even earlier than that knowing I won’t be working until 1:30 a.m. That will come with time and discipline if I really want to do it.

I hope you all have had a great Friday, and I hope you enjoy your upcoming weekend. Amelia turns one next week! Holy cow!


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