Day 234 – The City Life

When I was finishing up high school, and even in my years in college, I always saw myself living in the city of St. Louis. Walking or riding a bike to get to wherever I worked, and enjoying the hustle and bustle of traffic and noise and commotion I thought I would live in an apartment in the city, and take it all in. That was my plan growing up.


When Jen and I were coming back from the St. Louis Zoo on Thursday, I realized that the desire to live in the city I had in my early 20s had been completely abandoned now as I near 30 and have two kids.

I’m sure there are plenty of families who are deep in the city life with their kids, and they enjoy every moment of it. For me, as I embrace the challenges kids bring to your every day tasks, I realize that I would never make it in the city, and if I did, I would be a nervous wreck on a daily basis.

I now would love to live in a home that has a bit of land, or even just a fenced in back yard. A place that the kids can go play in the back yard with no fear of them running off, or getting near traffic. I just find that as I get older, things I thought would be awesome when I was younger, are becoming much more foreign and I’m embracing other things that I would have seen as completely boring before. It’s funny how as you grow up you want everything, but once you do hit that threshold of “maturity” and you start taking on responsibilities of owning a home, having kids and working a “big boy” job, you realize that less is more, and you appreciate the more natural moments in life.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have some things I can be really excited about, but I find most of those things are just materialistic, and they lose their value and appeal quicker than you realize. I know this doesn’t happen for everyone, and I’m not trying to take away from those who like the fast paced way of living, but for me, slow and relaxed is the way for me.

I enjoy being a spectator and not a participant.
I enjoy being a spectator and not a participant.

I do love the city, but I enjoy the city as a visitor, not as a resident. I like stopping in to enjoy the view, but knowing I will be returning to the less hectic world I have at home is more comforting. It makes me appreciate the trips to city more, and if I lived down there, like with most things, the appeal would fade, and I would possibly become a bit resentful of the environment.

Maybe one day I’ll find myself in a bigger city with my family, who knows where my career could lead, but for now, I’m happy just being a spectator. I don’t mind leaving the true city life to somebody who has the experience and can enjoy it freely.


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