Day 236 – Five Days Off

I am thoroughly excited to begin my extended weekend. I was going to just be off this Saturday for Amelia’s birthday party, but because Jen is off on Friday, I took off too. This will allow us to celebrate Amelia’s actual birthday as a small little family. I’m pretty excited, and holy cow has time flown by!

I think I should be getting my Loot Crate in the mail tomorrow which is always a fun little surprise each month. Last month’s theme was “heroes” and I got this awesome Batman figure. This month is villains and I’m hoping there is some kind of cool Joker thing or something in there. Sometimes it’s hit or miss with Loot Crate, but the last few have been pretty good. Ricky also enjoys opening them too.

Not much else to go on about. I was thinking about staying up late, which it is 2 a.m. already, but later than usual. I’m starting to feel the tiredness though, and I’m sure Amelia will want to wake up sometime tonight too.

So I’ll try and write a better blog tomorrow. I feel like I write better when I write in the morning or afternoon, then I do when it’s after work or late at night. That’s probably because at night I’m just trying to make my blog for the night. During the day, I am a little more enthusiastic about writing.

I hope you all had a great Monday, and here’s to a good Tuesday as well.


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