Day 243 – Preparing For A Productive Few Days

I’m going to write a really quick blog here so that I can get to sleep and prepare to get a lot done on the three days I have off. It sure is nice only working two days this week. It made the week seem like it was nothing. The first day of my week always seems to fly by and to have it be a Sunday means Monday goes by pretty quick, and bam it’s my weekend.

I need to develop a plan of attack tomorrow. Jen doesn’t work until late tomorrow and I would absolutely love to get the garage in some kind of order some time during my days off. I think she would too. I’d also get the basement in shape, but I can’t get too far over my head. Jen works short shifts tomorrow and Wednesday so I have to kind of play it by ear.

I want to take a picture of the garage tomorrow like a before and after. I’m really excited just walking in and seeing some open space. It’s still a mess, but the flame has been lit to hopefully get that puppy totally cleaned up.

Alright, I told you it’d be a quick blog. I’m off to bed. Thanks for reading if you did!


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