Day 249 – Great Ideas!

As I sit here at work, I am trying to find ways to make time go by faster. At 1:30 a.m. I will begin my four day weekend. With it being a holiday weekend, the night has been pretty slow.

I found this great YouTube wrestling channel called WhatCulture WWEThe channel consists of suggestions on how certain wrestling story lines should have played out. The guy has some amazing ideas, and you can’t help to think what kind of an asset he could possibly be to WWE creative. Who knows how many of the ideas are just his, or if there is a team behind the videos, but either way the ideas are amazing.

I played a few games of MLB 15: The Show today before work, and it’s funny how much I enjoy that game after a week off. I think I may play a game or two when I get home from work tonight. Amelia has been sleeping much better through the night, so there is not as much concern that she will be waking up multiple times. I also have a much easier time getting up with her when I know I don’t have to work the following day until 1:30 a.m.

The last few weeks have brought a string of new inspiration/motivation. I feel like I have been much more productive, and getting the garage in order just escalated that to a whole different level. I am really driven to get more things organized, and begin to build a routine to maintain that organization. Jen has also been on the same level I think with inspiration which helps. I think these next few days will be a good continuation.

I am hoping to MAYBE start a new YouTube series on my days off. I actually am starting to format things a little bit, I am a bit hesitant to start anything.


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