Day 251 – 5 Reasons Why I Love Apple Events

Tomorrow September 9th 2015, Apple will be having a keynote most likely announcing their latest installment of iPhones, iPads and most likely, the Apple TV. I know the cool thing to do on the Internet is throw around how mindless and dumb Apple consumers are, but when it comes down to it, despite what you think of their products, they are amazing at marketing. I decided to compile a brief list of the five things that I love about Apple events.

  1. They Truly Are EVENTS
    Palo Alto_hero

When Apple announces they are having any kind of event and keynote, it is always a well hyped event. Apple could probably send out a notification to the press stating they are going to do a keynote on sticky notes, and there would still be thousands of media outlets covering it. Apple has built a reputation for creating buzz worthy devices, and they have developed a sense of wonder around what they will announce next. Even during the keynotes that just feature your run of the mill updates, people still have in their heads if there is going to be that “one more thing” moment. You don’t get that reputation from every company. Apple has found a way to create a bit of mystique around their events, and that’s why they’re so fun to watch.

2. Their Products Are Exciting

Even if you feel that the iPhone is years behind Samsung or other smart phones on the market, you can’t help but appreciate Apple’s dedication to still make us feel like we need their products. Let me emphasize this, it’s not a “oh that’s kind of cool.” No, it’s “OMFG I HAVE TO LINE UP TO HAVE THAT DAY OF!” Yeah, I know some people will disagree with this, and that’s cool, but despite seeing stuff I don’t think I need, Apple finds a way to link in some routine in my life that would make their product beneficial in one way or another. Their products feel like celebrities that may have not had a hit movie in recent years, but their track record still makes them get you excited when you hear they’re going to be out in public. Maybe not the best analogy, but I’ve only had one cup of coffee this morning.

3. Steve Jobs’s Legacy
iPhone Reveal

Steve Jobs was as much part of the excitement of the keynote events as the products themselves. His delivery of product announcement were a strong reason why you felt you needed whatever it was he was pitching. It’s true that Apple has maybe lost of some that excitement since passing away, but the structure of the Keynotes exist today, and I think the way the speakers deliver products help sell them. Would I prefer to see Steve Jobs tell me about a wifi toaster rather than Tim Cook? Abso-freakin-lutely, but when you see a product announce at a keynote event, you still feel that Jobs aura around it. This won’t last forever, and with each event or product launch you can feel it slowly fading, but for those who got to see Jobs deliver a product, it’s still there a bit.

4. They Can Revolutionize an Industry

Smart Phones

Many keynote events are simply product upgrades. They cannot all be the announcement of a completely new product line, but when they are, they change everything. Who would have expected that in 2007 this new iPod/phone device would be something we use regularly throughout the day for a variety of tasks. Who would have thought that, a device so small, could match the graphics of older video game consoles. Sure, other phones may do things better, but I guarantee you that the iPhone laid the foundation for how a touch based smart phone is designed.

5. No One Does It Better

Apple Family

I would really think that a keynote presentation would be that exciting. I can’t think of a single time outside of an Apple event where I want to sit down and stream a live conference. Apple has that marquee about them that has been perfected over the years. When you think of Apple, you think of slick and sexy tech that brings excitement, advancement and I’ll be it, a hefty price tag. A lot of people complain that you can get the same quality of products for half of the price, but Apple doesn’t just make solid software and devices internally, they make them look beautiful on the outside as well. There are things Apple has done that make you think, how can this get any nicer, any more sleek, and they find a way to do it that almost seems out of left field. I truly believe that the idea of “you get what you pay for” does truly hold up with Apple devices.

Here’s the thing, I probably am a major Apple fanboy, I love their products, but I’m not one that is going to go and bash another brand because of brand loyalty. I know Microsoft makes great products, I know Android has a pretty good OS. I go off however, what I know and there’s a reason I continue to stock our house with Apple products. They just work. I don’t have issues with them, and they make the things I need to get done more convenient.

Tomorrow morning, I will sit down in front of my computer with headphones on, and I will tune in to the Apple keynote. I will have an even higher level of excitement as I am due for a phone upgrade, and the announcement of a new iPhone upgrade means that a new phone is also in my new future, and who doesn’t love new tech. And, if you are a lover of Android, or Microsoft or Xbox or Playstation of any of those other companies that have a brand loyalty to them, awesome.

Again, I’m not here to bash this or that because I like a certain brand. It’s all personal preference, and for every 100 Apple fans, there are probably 1,000 folks who can’t stand them. That’s cool, that’s your prerogative, and I have no problem. At the end of the day the Apple events are fun to watch, and I know the latest one will be the same.


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