Day 256 – Good to See You Again Football…I Guess

I have never claimed to be a huge football fan. I casually watch it, and I have my team allegiance (Carolina Panthers), but I don’t lose my mind if they lose. My main sport of choice is hockey and more specifically the NHL. With that said, it was nice tuning in to some morning/early afternoon football action before work.

I live in St. Louis where we aren’t full sure if we love our football team enough to stop them from going to L.A., but today it seemed like Ram’s nation was pretty excited with the win over the Seahawks. I get it, and good for them for the excitement, and even I would jump on the St. Louis Rams bandwagon if I knew for sure they were going to hang around for a while. I don’t want to decide I’ll commit some attention to a team that may not be here in a few years. We’ll see how that plays out in the coming year or so.

There is something refreshing about seeing the NFL back on tv. It may be the fact that we are closing in on the nice cooler weather of fall. It may be that we are on the brink of some of the coolest holidays in Halloween, Thankgiving and Christmas. And maybe it’s just the fact that baseball has been the lone sport for so long that we need a little pick me up.

I think it’s a combination of all three for me, but with it being absolutely beautiful outside today, I can’t lie when I say I’m excited for the heat to be exiting soon. I really enjoy the cooler, but not bitter cold weather that fall brings. I love the changing leaves and just the aromas of fall. It may sound weird, but there is a certain smell that the cooler breezes bring around.

So football, welcome back to Sundays. We are good to have you back. I’m not throwing a huge party for it, but I can’t say I’m bummed if there is a football game on. You sure are more enjoyable than watching a college game, and I mine as well appreciate an NFL team in this city while we got one. You give me an outdoor stadium and I may just full on as a Rams fan……Maybe.

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