Day 257 – I Owe You Two Blogs

Oops! I definitely forgot to blog last night. My plan was to write it when I got home, but my wife was still up so I started talking to her, Amelia then woke up and NHL 16 was released so I played some games with my buddy Steve. It was just a combination of things that were way more important, and I completely forgot.

Anyway, I just got in from mowing the grass, it was bad. I’m always paranoid it’s going to get t the point where they’re going to stick one of those warning signs in the lawn, but I think hey realized we have had some rain so they were a little more lenient. If I just mowed once a week, then the yard wouldn’t be so crazy, but it’s done regardless.

Today is my first day off for my weekend, so getting that done early is nice as it’s only just after 12 p.m. Nothing much else on the agenda for today. Jen has to work at 5 p.m.

So I apologize for forgetting to write my blog last night, but I’ll owe you a second one later today. Hopefully I don’t forget anymore. Have a great tuesday and a huge shoutout to my buddy Darin for getting an Xbox One! I can’t wait to play NHL 16 with him and Steve!


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