Day 259 – Stuff to Do

This morning has not been incredibly productive yet, but I still feel like I’ve gotten “things” done. The kids were up kind of early so after Jen and I tried to see if they’d fall asleep (they did not) I got up with them so she could catch up on some sleep. She’s still up sleeping which is great, I have no problem being up with the kids because I know she’s been worn out from working six days in a row at work.

When I got up with the kids, I knew we needed milk and coffee so I got them both dressed and we made an early morning trip to Wal-Mart. They did pretty good until just after we checked out when Ricky decided to throw a fit about going to the bathroom. For the record, I don’t reject him having to go to the bathroom in stores, he just wants to check out every bathroom wherever we go, and we live two minutes from Wal-Mart so I told him he needed to wait. This did not bode well for him as he began throwing a fit, but luckily he was already in the cart and we trekked to the car and things slowly de-escalated.

After getting home I got the kids some breakfast and made some coffee. That is essentially where we are right now. Once Jen is up and going I want to get going on this house. Jen has been going through some of Ricky’s old clothes, so there are piles of clothes all over the kitchen and living room. I’d like to get that wrapped up because otherwise the piles are going to turn in to just messes around the floor from either the kids or the cats knocking them off of the counter/table.

I think my huge goal is to go through the clothes that are in the laundry room. I KNOW that there is stuff in there that either Jen won’t wear any more or no longer fit Ricky. I want to get them sorted so we can wash and donate it or if it’s something we’ll keep, then we can wash it and put it away. Our laundry room has been a wreck because of all of the clothes, and getting this done, though super not fun, will be extremely worth it in the organization front. Maybe I’ll start going through and sorting the clothes by Jen’s and Ricky’s. There is not much that is mine because I normally will wash my stuff and then hang it up not long after.

So that is the day today so far. I’ve been on a Counting Crows kick as of late, as well as some older country like Alabama. Not sure what the reason is for it, but it’s all good.

Alright you all, have a great Wednesday!


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