Day 260 – Yep Still A Waste of Time

Alright I’m officially done with the old Facebook. Especially with the political stuff heating up, I think I’m going to find myself more annoyed with each day. I don’t need Facebook. There is nothing I really do that mandates I need it for any daily activity. It was a distraction and an annoyance, so I’m done.

In other news, I guess I felt the Playstation 4 was a waste of time because I sold it today. I actually didn’t find it a waste of time, it just wasn’t used enough to justify not collecting some cash on it. My friends mostly play  Xbox One, and NHL 16 so that’s really where my allegiance will be, though probably not as often as it used to be.

I’m sitting here in the basement with the Ricky man, who himself has been acting out quite a bit, maybe it’s something in the air, but I’m just no longer in the mood for nonsense. If you can’t tell, I’m also in a foul mood today. Maybe it’s a lack of sleep or something I don’t know. Jen is going to babysit her friends daughter later tonight, she may take the kiddos, if she does cool if not that’s fine too, but if she does, then I may think about going for a run. I need to get back in to working out at work, lose some of my stress and also just get in better shape.

Can you tell how happy this blog is, I need to cheer it up a bit. The green apple Gatorade is pretty delicious, if you haven’t tried it, then you should do so, but only if it’s cold. Alright, that’s all for today, long story short, Fuck Facebook. Not the people who use it, just the distraction it brings to our daily lives. The time spent on it that could be spent elsewhere and also on those god damned “pokes” 😉

Have a great Thursday all.


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