Day 263 – My Last Sunday

Today was my last Sunday as a Tier 1 at Centurylink. I’m taking next Sunday off because I will be starting the training for my new position bright and early on Monday morning. I’m pretty excited, but I’m definitely going to miss the group I get to work with. I’m hoping I bond with the new guys as much as I did the ones I work with now.

I’m writing a quick blog before bed, and I’m waiting for Lola (our dog) to come back in from outside. I was pretty happy I remembered to take the trash out too before going to bed. That’s always a hit or miss, but it seems like the times I do forget, we always have a ton of trash.

We had a potluck at work today, and I’m pretty sure I ate too much. Sleeping should feel great, but I’m sure it will be interrupted a bit by Amelia waking up. She’s getting better, but she still wakes up at early hours of the morning. I’m hoping to let Jen sleep in a bit since she does not have to be at work until 5pm. I think we’re both off Tuesday and Wednesday, and her birthday is Thursday so I’m sure she’s excited for that.

I don’t have much else to report, going to head up to bed now, but I had to get my little blog in. Also, if you want to feel uncomfortable, go watch some cringeworthy videos on YouTube….they are rough. Goodnight all.


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