Day 265 – Maybe I Should Mow

100 Days left until I reach my year. How is your Tuesday going? I’m sitting here watching the Entourage movie, but I don’t know if I’ll actually get through it. Maybe I’ll try and finish it later tonight.

Jen should be off work soon so I’m not sure what the gameplan is after that. I may try and mow the grass just to get it over with, and to keep the length within reason. I’m typing this blog up on the iPad keyboard, which is super small and I feel like my fingersa are going to spazz out, but I guess it’s somethign different. The kids are behind me playing so we’re just hanging out.

I tried to get some stuff cleaned up today. Our dishwasher I think is going out so I had to hand wash the barrage of dishes in the sink, but I most of the mess is done. I just have the bottles left to clean. 

I apologize this blog isn’t really going anywhere, but I don’t have too many exciting things to bring t othe table today. Maybe I’ll grill some hamburgers tonight for dinner. It’s pretty nice out, and maybe we’ll sit out on the deck and eat. Maybe not. 

Alright, not much else going on so I’m going to wrap this little blog up, have a great afternoon all. 


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