Day 276 – I Passed Out

I missed yesterday after falling asleep for the night in my son’s bed. Normally when we put the kids to bed, Ricky wants either myself or Jen to lay in there with him while he watches something on Netflix. Normally I’ll stay for a little bit and then tell him I’m going to go lay in our bed. Last night I wasn’t laying there for more than probably five minutes and I fell asleep. I woke up around 7 a.m. as Amelia was fussing and I realized I was the only one in the bed. Ricky had left sometime during the night to go lay in our bed.

Regardless, I missed the blog last night so here I am owing you guys two. I’ll write the second one tonight some time I’m sure.

Yesterday was a fun day with the kids. Jen and to work until 6 p.m. so I took them out to get out. It was overcast and chilly so I took them to Mid Rivers Mall and then to Toys R Us. We also made a little stop at Total Hockey. That is where I found my best purchase, a TJ Oshie toddler third jersey for $9.99. I know Oshie isn’t on the team anymore, but I’ve been wanting to get Ricky a new Blues’ jersey for sometime so until I want to invest a decent amount of money, this worked great.

I’m just sitting here this morning actually watching this overseas football game with the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins. Carolina play at the regular time this morning, but I don’t think it will be televised here. Rams play later this afternoon so I’m not sure how much football I’ll really be watching. Also, and most importantly, Jen is off work today so it will get to be a family day. I don’t think we’ll do anything too crazy, but just spending time together is what I like.

Alright, that’ll do for blog #1. I’ll post again later tonight, providing I don’t go dumb and forget again.

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