Day 277 – Pumpkins

Today was the first day off Jen and I have both had off in quite a while. I could tell Jen was worn out and she I let her sleep until about 11:15. I think the medicine she takes sometimes knocks her out too and she always feels bad when I let her sleep in but I honestly don’t mind at all. She always is deserving of it.

After being lazy early afternoon we decided to take the kids to a pumpkin patch. It was a lot cooler than I think we all excepted but we still had fun. We spent a decent amount of time there and then came home, watched the rest of the Rams game and ordered a pizza.

I also took part in our now annual work fantasy hockey draft. I had the second overall pick and think I did pretty well. We shall see when the season kicks off on Wednesday. 

That’s all I really have. Both kids are fighting sleep so in typing this out real fast while I lay in rickys bed trying to get him to sleep. Later all.


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